Wide-Mouth Whirlwind Sweeper

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Get your hard floors looking nice and tidy with this ingenious multi-brush sweeper. As it works on sweeping power alone, there’s no need for cumbersome cables, leaving you better able to clean your home with the minimum of fuss. The wide-mouth whirlwind sweeper can clean out nooks and crannies that vacuums simply can’t reach, drawing domestic debris into its spacious interior, which can be emptied periodically. With 360° rotation, a stainless steel telescopic tube and an ergonomic handle, this gadget will make doing your chores a real breeze.

  • Save Energy & Time when cleaning with a wide-mouth whirlwind sweeper.
  • Take your pick from five different colours: blue, red, green, purple and yellow.
  • Multi-brush system cleans up dust, hair, food and more - no electricity needed!
  • Rubbish is swept into the device’s interior and is then easily disposed of.
  • Features 360° rotation.
  • Keep your home spick and span
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