Compact Buffet Server


Compact Buffet Server

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If you're trying to put on a buffet, this Betty Crocker buffet server is perfectly suited to the challenge. It can be used by itself as a warming tray or with 3 2.5qt serving vessels and will keep food warm for up to 3 hours. An integrated spoon notch in the lids ensures that serving spoons rest comfortably with the lid in place. Adjust the temperature to what you would prefer, set up your buffet and don't worry about your food getting cold any more.


  • Unique Design Allows The Unit To Be Used As A Warming Tray Or With 3 Serving Vessels To Act As A Buffet Server
  • 3 Serving Vessels Are 2.5qts Each
  • Stainless Steel Frame Holds The 3 Buffet Trays In Place
  • 3 Separate Stainless Steel Buffet Tray Keeps Food & Liquid Warm For Up To 3 Hours
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