2 Solar Shepherd Lanterns


2 Solar Shepherd Lanterns

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Elegant and simple, the hanging lamp adds style to any walkway, yard or garden without having to figure out wiring. Requires only the sun as a power source, the solar lights are safe and can be installed anywhere. Solar panel collects natural sun light and charges the internal rechargeable batteries during the day, as night falls these solar lights turn 'on' and illuminate any garden. Featured with a swirl hanging hook, it can also be used as a table lantern. Hanging Solar Lantern is a classically designed lamp which is ideal for areas where there is taller foliage. These solar lights can be installed anywhere they will receive sunlight. The powerful, built-in solar panels harness the power of the sun to charge the internal rechargeable batteries during the day. The brighter and more direct the sunlight, the better the batteries will charge and the better your solar light will operate when it automatically turns on after dark. When the batteries are fully charged, your light will shine for up to 12 hours. A sure compliment to any garden these set of 2 lamps come in plastic case with 2 lamp holding stainless steel hooks and 2 spikes.

  • Compact solar panel
  • High efficiency charging circuit
  • High capacity 1.2v 600mAH Ni-mh battery
  • Includes a ground stake and shepherd's hook
  • Made with high durability plastic
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