Cold Radiators Giving You a Chill?

Bolier repairDo the radiators in your home often not heat the room up enough?  Do you get the fear of calling out a tradesman to come and look and think expensive bills are on their way?  Fear not, let us help you.   We have put together a small list of questions, with answers of course, to help you out.

Heating systems work by drawing cool air through the radiator and up into the room and this circulates around the room, giving a warm feeling around the room.  This cycle will continue as long as radiators are working properly.  This is when you should check to see if the room is correctly heating up.

Inside the radiator the cycle of hot and cold circulation is happening all the time.  The hot water enters at one end, rises to the top of the radiator and as it cools drops down and goes out the other end.  Now that we have a basic understanding of how this works we can answer a few questions!

Q. Is there a cheaper method than wait and see?

A. Consult with your energy supplier as they may have services such as central heating cover that you could spread the cost over a period of time.

Q. Does your radiator heat up evenly all over, or are there cold patches?

A. It sounds like the heating system needs bled.  This means that there is air in the radiator and needs to be let out.

Q. Are all the radiators the same temperature or is this occurrence just in one?

A. If all the radiators are the same temperature adjust temperature on the boiler panel.  If it is just one radiator adjust the dial on the radiator valve.  This would be in an anticlockwise direction.

Q. The radiator feels hot but doesn’t heat the room?

A. Make sure there are no restrictions of air flow under and above the radiator, this causes a blockage and reduces the heat that is created around the room.

We hope that this small guide helps but if you are unsure please contact a qualified CORGI registered plumber to carry out any heavy duty work.

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