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Do you want to save some money on your household heating bills?  Of course you do! So we thought we would put together a list of some energy saving tips to help keep some of the green in your wallet rather than in the hands of the energy companies! Not only that but you will also be doing your bit in helping the environment!

Turn it Down!

Most houses have their heating turned up higher than they need it without even realising it.  People become so accustomed to a heat that they don’t need.  What to do is turn the thermostat down one degree.  The day after, see how that feels and turn it down another; the temperature will most likely be a comfortable one and each degree that the heating is turned down can save around £60 per year.

Get it Off.

Solid advice would be to turn off each appliance off as when you don’t need them.  Especially at this time of year, turn off all the Christmas lights when going to bed or leaving the house as these can be expensive to run.  It’s obviously very easy to forget to switch off the appliances so why not invest in some timers for the plugs; these are handy for lights and heavy usage electric appliances like TV’s and stereos.

If you can stick to these you could save around £40 per year on your electricity usage.

Use Kitchen Appliances Efficiently

By using your kitchen appliances wisely y40+ou could save £35 do things like:

  • Only boil as much water as you need – don’t fill the kettle up each time
  • Set your washing machine at 30C
  • Only use the tumble dryer when it’s not possible to dry outside

Lag the Piping

Lagging your water tank is a cheap and easy way to save money.  Lagging can cost £25 and could save you around £55 per year.

These are only a number of things you can do to save money and make your home energy efficient.  By making all of the changes above you could save approximately £200 per year.  So do yourself a favour and make small changes in order to help you save big change.


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